Eating in Italy

After eating in Italy with my Italian family and friends I’ve come to realize the pivotal place that food has in the Italian culture and it begins with the table.  Italians take time and effort to prepare a well laid table where there is beauty and grace in the smallest detail. Meals are an essential part of Italian life. Not that they obsess about food or over indulge.  Italians truly value food and it’s preparation.  It is evident at the table but beings with the growing of the food, the selling of the food at their markets and extends to the careful and considerate preparation of their food. They value the traditions and regional diversity of Italian cooking based on the geography of the land and the cultural traditions of the region.

I think that all this combined with the warm and generous hospitality of the Italian people, the freshest of ingredients and some of the finest wine in the world is what defines the meaning of a “well laid” table.