A Taste of Cositutti

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Corn on Pizza?

My Italian antennae went up when I read a Chowhound Blog about corn on pizza. I admit I’m a pizza purist but is it because we’ve never tasted an authentic Italian pizza outside of Italy that we feel compelled to twist it and turn it into an unrecognizable mass of dough with toppings of every shape and form. Or do some of us look at it as a blank canvas to express our inner Jackson Pollok. Now I know you should eat what you like and culinary creativity should be applauded but sometimes less is more.

Some of the recipes mentioned sound like Wolfgang Puck’s California Pizza on acid. Traveling in Italy with my Italian family and friends has led me to believe that the classic Margherita pizza and a few variations (Quattro Stagione, Quattro Formaggi and some seafood and meat toppings) are all you need and VPN guidelines(Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, an organization of pizza-makers dedicated to “protecting one of the most ancient and most important gastronomic traditions” of Italy ) should be followed. Corn, ketchup and mayo on pizza, if that’s what you like it sounds OK, just don’t call it a pizza