The Sisters Who Make Panettone

Every holiday season Italians line up at the local pasticerria to buy panettone, the traditional Milanese cake-like bread so loved by Italians that they are willing to stand in line when they see the tall domed boxes appear in pastry shop windows.

Once again CosituttiMarketPlace will be offering Sorelle Nurzia Panettone Tradizionale during the Holiday Season. Sorelle Nurzia has been making traditional panettone since 1835. Don’t confuse this panettone with the mass marketed panettone found in big box discount stores in the States. It is about as far removed in taste and quality as mortadella is from bologna. Fresh and flavorful, soft and airy, Sorelle Nurzia panettone can be eaten right from the box, warmed as toast or made into a delicious bread pudding. The traditional Milanese panettone of Sorelle Nurzia are made in the town of L’Aquila. After the earthquake, the established market of artisan Italian food products and the jobs of many women (sorelle means sisters in Italian) in L’Aquila were disrupted.

CosituttiMarketPlace supports the Italian food industry and the conservation of the traditional flavors of Italy especially the efforts of the regional artisan food producers of L’Aquila to regain their position after this tragedy.

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