The Ugliest Fish in Italy

Our cousins from the Veneto were visiting us this past week. Mirna and Marika live in the Northern Italian city of Fossalto di Portogruaro. Once protected by the Venetian Republic, Portogruaro continues to retain the charm of a favored child. The canals, medieval arcades and stone bridges of Portogruaro remind you of a miniature version of Venice. You know you … Continue reading The Ugliest Fish in Italy


The Taste Traveler’s Husband

Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling book, The Time Traveler's Wife, is about a Chicago librarian named Henry who is cursed with a rare genetic disorder that causes him to travel back into time.  He often vanishes at a moments notice as his wife desperately tries to build a  stable life together. This dramatic fantasy, of course, does not parallel my life but I often feel like my husband could write … Continue reading The Taste Traveler’s Husband