A Short Taste and Travel Video Blog

I created a short video blog of some sites from a recent taste and travel trip that incorporates the experience of eating into the experience of traveling. Where food becomes more than an afterthought and traveling more than a “show and tell” tour. Taking time to understand the cultural and culinary traditions of the regional foods of Italy will enrich your travel experience and create lasting memories that can be relived again and again at the table with your family and friends.

Seeing and Savoring Italy. A Taste and Travel Journey through Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria


2 thoughts on “A Short Taste and Travel Video Blog

  1. I read your site re: staying at monasteries and you mentioned La Verna. A friend and I stayed in the guest house at La Verna about 3 years ago. Now I want to return with my husband and cannot find the information that I had before on how to contact them. I have searched the websites and found nothing. Do you have information that I could use for contacting them? Thank you, marilyn miller

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