What Would Casanova Do?

The characters in the Venetian version of Sex in the City circa 1753 would definitely have included Casanova as Mr. Big.  Like Mr. Big, Casanova had a big personality and an adventurous unpredictability that often resulted in dangerous liaisons both romantically and politically (he spent much of his life avoiding the clutches of the Venetian … Continue reading What Would Casanova Do?


Pizzichi – The Shortened Form of Lasagna

A shorter version of lasagna, pizzichi pasta has a slightly raised edge (pizzichi means pinched in Italian) and a penchant for the rustic mountain flavors of the Valtellina, a region in Northern Italy a mere yodel away from Switzerland.  Made with farro, an unhybridized ancestor of modern wheat, pizzichi pasta has nutty flavor that shies … Continue reading Pizzichi – The Shortened Form of Lasagna

Saints, Sinners, Pilgrims and Kings

The gastronomic landscape of Italy has always been populated by saints, sinners, pilgrims and kings. Curated by casalinga, home-style cooking and the monasteries and abbeys of the Catholic Church, the foods of Italy did not distinguish among those who ate them. Whether you were a Medici princess or pilgrim on the Via Francigena the flavors of  Italy … Continue reading Saints, Sinners, Pilgrims and Kings

Extreme Italy

Shaun White snowboards there, Lance Armstrong had the Trek Madone custom-made for him so he could tour there and you too can experience the extreme side of Italy in almost every part of the peninsula. If you like adventure travel, you can walk on the wild side in Italy along the canals of Navigli, Milan's chic club district or get physical hiking, mountain … Continue reading Extreme Italy