The characters in the Venetian version of Sex in the City circa 1753 would definitely have included Casanova as Mr. Big.  Like Mr. Big, Casanova had a big personality and an adventurous unpredictability that often resulted in dangerous liaisons both romantically and politically (he spent much of his life avoiding the clutches of the Venetian Inquisitors). Casanova acquired a station in life, studying law at the University of Padua, but wasn’t content with convention.  Like “Big” he had commitment issues that according to the Heath Ledger version of Casanova were finally resolved when he met his Carrie, a Venetian feminist author named Francesca Bruni.

So what did Casanova do so well to win love time after time?  Here are a few of his secrets for a Casanova inspired Valentine’s Day.

Plan a meal that appeals to the senses with amazing and enticing aromas and a variety of textures

Choose foods that the person likes but does not eat very often

Be attentive and grateful for the company at the table

Surprise her with a small, unusual gift at the end of the meal (silver and lace were some of Casanova’s favorites)


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