Italian Spring Break

Are you ready for an Italian Spring Break? Begin by changing your mind set with a new attitude and create a lifestyle that values beauty, art, culture, good food and wine. Spring foods in Italy include spring peas (primavera piselli), asparagus (asparagi), fava beans and spring lamb (agnello) and artichokes (carciofi).  You've never eaten artichokes Italian style! Carts … Continue reading Italian Spring Break


The Vatican Film List

Even though the Oscars are over I’ve had movies on my mind and this led me to an unlikely source for film reviews. Certainly not as well-known as Ebert and Roper or as infamous as the web’s Rotten Tomatoes, a pontifical commission was established in 1995 by Pope John Paul II to  select  “worthwhile productions” during … Continue reading The Vatican Film List

Letters from Italy

This header is from a letter sent to our Italian family in the US from our Italian family in Milano circa 1953. Epiphania Trevisan, our Italian grandmother, immigrated to America in 1920. Like many Italian immigrants, circumstances of time and place, marriage and duty caused Nonna to travel to the US with her husband Santo. Her … Continue reading Letters from Italy

Italians Are What They Eat

You’ve heard the expression “you are what you eat”. This slightly overused mantra has made its way into the vocabulary of food from proselytizing nutritionists to the voice over introduction on one of the Food Network’s most popular shows.  The Italians were eating healthy, nutritious regional food long before the term “locavore”, sustainability and week- … Continue reading Italians Are What They Eat

Farewell Meat

No I haven't become a vegan. I'm following the ancient Italian custom of Carnevale, the traditional Lenten fast that begins on Ash Wednesday when all feasting is over and fasting begins for 40 days until the celebration of Easter. The word "carne vale" in Latin means "meat farewell" and so abstinence from things of the flesh is de rigeur … Continue reading Farewell Meat