The London Times once said that if we are what we eat who wouldn’t want to be Italian. I would take that one step further and say if we are what we eat who wouldn’t want to be Northern Italian. The geography and climate of Northern Italy make it one of the most cultural diverse and gastronomically active regions of Italy.  The abundance and variety of food in Northern Italy is legendary and reads like a Who’s Who of the culinary world. The prosciutti of San Daniele and Parma, Milano’s risotto and osso bucco, the pestos of Genoa and the pastas of Emilia Romagna are classic foods of the North.  Northern Italian favorites like carpaccio are featured on most fine dining menus and espresso laced tiramisu has so many global variations that I’ve stopped counting.  The wine and food routes, le strade dei vini e sapori, of the 8 regions that loosely define Northern Italy, extend from the Alpine ranges of the Dolomites to the fertile plains and rolling hills of the Emilia-Romagna Apennines and from the sun drenched Ligurian Riviera to the Venetian shores of the Adriatic. All along the way you can taste the historical landscape of a region of Italy whose food is at the gastronomic epicenter of the world.

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