In the Middle of a Light Show in Italy

It was another magical evening in Italy. Sitting under the vine covered pergola we watched the flames from the wood fired brick oven lick the surface of our bistecca fiorentina until it had become charred and brown.  The scent of lavender and rosemary lingered in the air and as the sun set, the leaves of … Continue reading In the Middle of a Light Show in Italy


Italian Apps

Travel or bring Italy home with phone apps that ooze “la dolce vita”. From ways to expand your Italian vocabulary with mobile flashcards to i Carmina, a web application that displays a different classical poem every day (in English and Italian), you’re just a browser away from total Italian immersion.  Extensive data bases, navigation capabilities … Continue reading Italian Apps

A Medieval Pig

It’s almost summer and that means a day at the grill. Italians love to cook over an open flame. Wood fired pizza, the infamous Tuscan T-bone (bistecca alla fiorentina) and one of Italy’s all-time favorite dishes arrosto di porchetta allo spiedo (spit roasted suckling pig).   Pork based Italian dishes have been part of the culinary history … Continue reading A Medieval Pig

What Do Giorgio Armani and I Have in Common?

What do Giorgio Armani and I have in common? In a word the color gray.  Armani’s 2011 Autumn/Winter menswear collection, decidedly shaded gray this year, was praised by the New York Times as nothing short of “illuminating”. The designer explained his choice of gray saying “Gray, because it goes with everything and you can add … Continue reading What Do Giorgio Armani and I Have in Common?

Eat a Piece of History

According to Federico Fellini, life is a combination of magic and pasta and surely no pasta is more magical than croxetti. Thin sheets of pasta dough are pressed between engraved wooden moulds to create disc shaped coins with fanciful images. In medieval times the images were taken from the coat of arms of noble Ligurian … Continue reading Eat a Piece of History

Why I Write About Italy

Some of you ask why I write about Italy. There are many reasons but it all begins with a family picture.  This is a picture of our Italian family with their friends taken in 1919 in the countryside near Vicenza.Someone drew arrows on the picture pointing to our relatives including Gino, the one with the big hair! To me … Continue reading Why I Write About Italy