I’m always trying to think of a way to describe what it’s like when I return from a trip to Italy. Invariably I end up with wide-eyed stares and mouths open in disbelief. At first I’m not sure if this is good or bad but as my journey continues and I talk about my experiences the most frequent comment I end up getting is AMAZING.  I always get to spend time with people who are passionate about Italian food and culture and I’m fortunate to spend time with them eating and cooking some fabulous food. I’ve traveled to small towns and villages and some hidden places that are typically off the tourist radar for most Americans. And my Italian family and friends make sure that I see Italy through their eyes to experience the heart and soul of the Italian people.  So I guess that in some ways you can describe my travels in Italy as somewhat unconventional, what I call “traveling outside of the box”. And what I’ve learned is that there is a different way of traveling in Italy, a way that is more than just a “show and tell” tour that results in some unique and memorable travel experiences.

People often ask me how to see and savor Italy. Begin by looking for sites that pair food with the history and culture of a region, an evocative site where you can imagine the history of the food being prepared and eaten. For example if one of your favorite Italian foods is pasta with Bolognese sauce, plan on visiting Emilia Romagna to eat tagliatelli alla Bolognese under the porticos of Bologna. Incorporate the experience of eating into the experience of traveling. Let food become more than a necessity. Let it become part of the experience and not just an afterthought.  Most travelers don’t think of pairing food and travel in quite this way.  We eat on the run at home and end up doing the same thing when we travel. We don’t think about making our travel experience more meaning through the food we eat. Yet unique and exceptional experiences are everywhere when taste traveling in Italy. There should be no excuse to come back from a trip to Italy without boasting about the most wonderful food you ate, wine you drank and what you saw.

So begin to re-think your travels in Italy. If you’re not sure how to do this call us or better yet plan on coming along on a Seeing and Savoring Italy Small Group Tour.  Tour itineraries are based on my book  and are scheduled periodically throughout the year.


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