Travel or bring Italy home with phone apps that ooze “la dolce vita”. From ways to expand your Italian vocabulary with mobile flashcards to i Carmina, a web application that displays a different classical poem every day (in English and Italian), you’re just a browser away from total Italian immersion. 

Extensive data bases, navigation capabilities and advanced graphics make today’s upgraded phone apps insanely popular.  Here is a list of a few to further your Italian Education.

Traveling overseas? Look for self-contained apps and be sure to check with your provider to find out how to avoid enormous roaming charges when you get back from your trip

AccelaStudy uses a flashcard-like approach and audio pronunciations to familiarize you with over 2,100 Italian words in more than 60 subject areas. You can test yourself in English or Italian and save your progress between study sessions

Italia Oggi for Italy’s daily news

Tour 4D Milan , the city’s most significant landmarks viewed at different angles for a 3D view of the city

MuoviMi connects you to Milan’s public transportation system with time tables, Metro and tram lines

Florence in My Heart, one of several different audio guides to some of Italy’s most traveled cities

Rick’s iPhone App, Rick Steves’ personal interactive, multimedia guides with commentary and suggested restaurants, hotels and WC along the way


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