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Off the Tourist Radar in the Bolognese Hills

I’m off the tourist radar seeing and savoring Italy on the loggia of my favorite bed and breakfast in the Bolognese Hills with my friend Alice, a most gracious host who makes her guests feel as if she has been waiting for them to arrive and welcome them home. Sleeping well, waking up to a breakfast that is never lacking. An assortment of meats, cheeses, tarts and honey that are fantastici!  A generous cup of cappuccino, flavorful and frothy, one of the best I’ve had in Italy with a slice of semolina cake. Deciding whether to play golf on “the stairway to heaven”, visit a caseificio for a cheese tasting, lay by the pool or explore an Etruscan archeological site. With rooms named after the Dawn, Sun, Sky, Star, Dusk and Moon (Alba, Sole, Cielo, Stelle,Tramonto, Luna) and a panoramic view of the windswept hills and valleys of the northern Bolognese Appennines you quickly realize that your travels are not just about the places you visit in the guide books but the places you visit in your heart where the Who and Where of Travel is just as important as the sights you see. Memorable travel off the tourist radar, want to go, let us know.



Pamela Marasco is the founder and owner of The Cositutti Group, a travel and lifestyle resource for the food, wine, art and design of Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria where she travels extensively with her Italian family and friends taste testing regional Italian food for, a unique on-line shopping experience that connects you to the authentic flavors of the Italy. With an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences and a graduate degree in education, Pam is committed to farming practices and educational programs that ensure the true flavors of Italy are preserved and protected. You can learn more about her travels in Italy at Her recent books include Seeing and Savoring Italy - A Taste and Travel Journey through Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria and Pasta for a Princess. She also teaches on-line classes for the IUPUI School of BioInformatics / Human-Centering Computing/ Library and Information Science.

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