Top 5 Reasons To Bring Italy Into Your Life

5. Italians Have Style Italian manufacturers and artisans present you with products made by that "fine Italian hand".  Laura Biagiotti, known for her Italian cashmere collection, has said that "Italian fashion is meant to add the extraordinary to everyday life". Italian style combines superior design, quality and sensibility.  4. Italians Know the Secret of Olive Oil Vases and … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons To Bring Italy Into Your Life


What do the Medici and Captain James T. Kirk have in common for 2012?

In his book  The Medici Effect, author Frans Johansson explores the idea that in the intersection of different fields, disciplines and cultures, there's an abundance of extraordinary new ideas to be found. During the Italian Renaissance, the Medici of Florence encouraged artisans and scientists to cross disciplines and exchange ideas and because of this the world experienced a cultural rebirth that changed … Continue reading What do the Medici and Captain James T. Kirk have in common for 2012?

da Vinci – Master of Revels

If you think that Leonardo only had his mind on engineering, anatomy, perfecting the art of light and color  and Mona Lisa's smile you would be wrong. The archetypal Renaissance man, known for his painting, sculpture, architecture and inventive genuis was also in charge of  orchestrating ducal banquets for Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan.  Although I wouldn’t equate … Continue reading da Vinci – Master of Revels

The Golden Dome

Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread that could just change the way you feel about fruitcake. Well it’s not actually a fruitcake, far from it. It’s light and airy with the incensual aroma of a Milanese pasticerria. In fact Milano is the birthplace of panettone. Commonly held legends as to its origin vary but one favorite … Continue reading The Golden Dome

An Italian Twinkle

I remember the days of big lights, tinsel and rockin’ around the Christmas tree.  Christmas in the late 1950’s was all about extravagance. If you had a real Christmas tree, it was bearing the weight of the ages with multi-colored ginormous lights and gaudy ornaments.  In the ‘60’s if you were “very modern” you had … Continue reading An Italian Twinkle

Time Traveling Christmas

Over the years my travels in Italy have taken on a deeper meaning, well beyond the casual tourist, beyond the taste traveler, beyond the travel writer. My road trips are often off the tourist radar and off the beaten track. I’ve seen the usual monuments, works of art and ancient ruins but from a different … Continue reading Time Traveling Christmas