In his book  The Medici Effect, author Frans Johansson explores the idea that in the intersection of different fields, disciplines and cultures, there’s an abundance of extraordinary new ideas to be found. During the Italian Renaissance, the Medici of Florence encouraged artisans and scientists to cross disciplines and exchange ideas and because of this the world experienced a cultural rebirth that changed the course of history.

Learn broadly, learn often and keep a curious attitude are my resolutions for the New Year. We often don’t allow ourselves the time to see if there’s anything else that we might actually enjoy doing or learning or if there are other ways of solving a problem or providing a solution. So resolve to follow the James T. Kirk Starship Enterprise style of learning. Explore areas other than your own and create your own Renaissance in 2012.

*a few years ago I experienced the Medici Effect, now I teach, I write, I travel with my own company and like Tony Bourdain I want more.


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