Top 5 Reasons To Bring Italy Into Your Life

5. Italians Have Style

Italian manufacturers and artisans present you with products made by that “fine Italian hand”.  Laura Biagiotti, known for her Italian cashmere collection, has said that “Italian fashion is meant to add the extraordinary to everyday life”. Italian style combines superior design, quality and sensibility. 

4. Italians Know the Secret of Olive Oil

Vases and amphora filled with Italian Olive Oil were being transported to Europe since ancient times and have been an integral part of the “Mediterranean Diet“. According to recent articles published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and the Journal of Nutrition, the antioxidant and ant-inflammatory properties of olive oil make it an important part of a heart healthy diet reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and colon cancer.

3. Italians Know How to Cultivate a Sense of Well Being

Italians take time to cultivate a sense of well being. They are committed to looking good and feeling well. Now in a country of pasta and gelato you might think this contradictory but Italians are masters of moderation, balance and beauty. 

2. Italians Know How to Eat and Drink

Italians eat smaller amounts in courses, taking time to enjoy each part of the meal. Italian cooking relies on fresh, local ingredients regionally grown. Italy’s wines are at their best when paired with food and are consistently ranked among the best in the world. The Italian style of drinking coffee has taken a mundane habit and elevated it to an art form introducing millions of Americans to the pleasures of espresso and wi-fi.  

1. Italians Know How Sweet Life Is

Italy and its traditions, food and culture reflect the beauty and sweetness of life.



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