What did You Eat and Drink for Dinner Last Night?

What did you eat and drink for dinner last night? An exercise at the UCLA Writing Success Program asked students to explore Leonardo da Vinci’s inquisitiveness about life and the patterns and connections in the world around him to answer that question. Here's what they came up with using a bowl of linguine as an … Continue reading What did You Eat and Drink for Dinner Last Night?


Matrimonio at McDonalds

McDonalds in Italy, it sounds almost sacrilegious. Isn’t fast food one of the seven deadly food sins and isn’t Italy the gastronomic epicenter of the world? I know it sounds unusual but some of the best food I’ve eaten in Italy has been fast food including a sandwich at McDonalds called the matrimonio. McDonalds in … Continue reading Matrimonio at McDonalds

Udderly Italian

Behind every cheese there is a meadow, of varying green under a verying sky . . . There are different herds with their stalls; And transhumance; There are secrets of works transmitted  over the centuries    (Italo Calvino) A wonderful way to see and savor Italy is through Italian cheese. Each regional variety reflects  each Alpine pasture, each field of wildflowers; the ash, … Continue reading Udderly Italian

Valentine’s Day Graffiti

Graffiti is an ancient Italian tradition that began in Rome with the "scratching" of slogans, notices, curses and comments on the city'scolumns and walls. To this day graffiti writing is practiced throughout Italy often to the shock and dismay of tourists who don't understand the social, political and romantic implications. In Verona, the city of … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Graffiti