A Visit with the “Kids” in Chianti

Radda is one of my favorite places in Chianti and it's all about location. Radda is located 50 km southeast of Florence and 30 km north of Siena. On the see and savor map that means it's well placed for day trips throughout the region visiting some of Chianti’s most storied villages and towns. Castellina … Continue reading A Visit with the “Kids” in Chianti


A Tuscan Dragon

Charlemagne, lanceolate, light green color, intense aroma -   descriptions of an encounter with a medieval Tuscan dragon? - No they are the gastronomic backstory behind dragoncello, the Italian word for the herb tarragon. Native to Central Asia tarragon spread west into Italy after the Crusades. Culinary historians write that the herb was brought into Tuscany by Charlemagne … Continue reading A Tuscan Dragon

Torta Mimosa and Festa della Donna

In Italy bright, yellow mimosa is the symbol of Festa della Donna, International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.  Italian men buy bouquets of mimosa to give to the special women in their lives to show their support and appreciation for all they do. … Continue reading Torta Mimosa and Festa della Donna

Pesto Envy

Pesto. One of Italy's most beloved and versatile ingredients. It can be used as a sauce or as a flavoring and like most Italian food there are regional variations based on local flavors that inspire and incite rivalries as deep as those of the Medici - Pazzi . Each region of Italy favors a home-grown … Continue reading Pesto Envy