In Italy Overcooked Means Delicious

Stracotta is the Italian work for "overcooked". Italians seem to have the ability to prepare (on purpose) something that is overcooked yet delicious as in a "stracotta" where all the flavors become concentrated and heightened. Some would call this dish braised beef or least of all a pot roast. Our Nonna prepared it this way … Continue reading In Italy Overcooked Means Delicious


My Friend Lui

Once when I was seeing and savoring Italy with a group of fellow taste travelers, someone asked me who my friend “Louie” was. They said I talked about him a lot. Not knowing the Italian language they didn’t realize that my friend “Louie” was actually spelled “Lui” and referred to the Italian personal pronoun for … Continue reading My Friend Lui

A Eco-Conscious Traveler’s Earth Day Resolutions

Today is like New Year’s Day for the eco-conscious. It’s Earth Day and for those who are serious about helping Mother Earth it’s time to re-commit to making some positive changes in our ecological life.  The least eco-friendly person on the planet makes an effort not to litter and recycles but a recent survey  by Element … Continue reading A Eco-Conscious Traveler’s Earth Day Resolutions

A Taste of Honey

“From the land to the artisan’s hand from generational producers from us to you” CosituttiMarketPlace   One of Italian’s most evocative artisan food products is honey.  Like grapes and olives it is a true reflection of the terroir of the region. The unique characteristics of the geography, geology and climate of a specific locale that … Continue reading A Taste of Honey

Seeing and Savoring Italian Coffee

No trip to Italy would be complete without at least one stop at the local caffe’ bar to see and savor the taste, aroma and culture surrounding the pleasure and passion of Italian coffee. Just like everything in Italy, coffee is an art with various interpretations and devotees. Espresso, normale, cappuccino, corretto and the play-it-safe caffè … Continue reading Seeing and Savoring Italian Coffee

Horses, Jesuits and a Garden of Perfect Clarity

I once ate at a Chinese restaurant in Italy. It was late, I was tired and it was on my way back to the hotel.  To me the food wasn’t very good but the Italians eating there seemed to enjoy it. Since 1260 when Venetian travelers first reached the court of Emperor Kublai Khan there … Continue reading Horses, Jesuits and a Garden of Perfect Clarity