“From the land to the artisan’s hand from generational producers from us to you”



One of Italian’s most evocative artisan food products is honey.  Like grapes and olives it is a true reflection of the terroir of the region. The unique characteristics of the geography, geology and climate of a specific locale that influence production and impart a “sense of place” that makes the taste, look and appeal of the product like no other.  So valued were these products in the world marketplace that ancient amphorae would be stamped with the seal of the region they came from. So particular were the flavors that legends tell of monks going as far as “tasting” the soil. The designation honey is reserved only to products obtained from the work of bees without further intervention from the outside. Further designation is given to the floral origin, territory and country with additional information on the producer and site of production.

I experienced my first taste of honey in Italy at my cousin Lidia’s apartment in Sesto San Giovanni outside of Milano when she served pecorino toscano cheese and pears after dinner one evening. She passed around a jar of miele di castagno (chestnut honey) and told me to drizzle it over the cheese. The mild grassy flavor of this sheep’s milk cheese paired with the rich, wild flavor and molasses-like consistency of the chestnut honey was molto buono.


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