Mindful Travel

mindful (adjective)  - actively attentive, aware, or deliberately keeping something in mind I just added a new page to my blog called  The Way We Travel . Over the years many people have asked me what's so different about the way you travel and why do you call your travels more than a "show and tell tour"?  So I went … Continue reading Mindful Travel


Job Description – Traveler – Apply Now

With the vacation season starting I wanted to spend some time talking about travel, in particular European travel, subset Italy. Of the 308 million-plus citizens in the United States, only 30% have passports versus 41% of Canadians and 71% of Brits. Europeans travel much more than Americans. It seems the art, architecture, food and wine … Continue reading Job Description – Traveler – Apply Now

Warning: This Video May Make Your Mouth Water

Year after year I’m challenged on how to share my experiences traveling, eating, drinking, cooking and shopping  with my Italian family and friends. Bringing Italy home is not all that easy! It’s not like I have a magical suitcase that opens to reveal the landscape of Tuscany, the Duomo of Milan, cooking with Rita in Emilia … Continue reading Warning: This Video May Make Your Mouth Water

Memories in a Plate

One of my earliest mementos of seeing and savoring Italy was through a terra cotta plate by Buon Ricordo, a union of restaurants that thought to preserve the food traditions of regional Italian food by designing plates that represent the culinary specialties of each member restaurant. Buon Ricordo ("good memory") wanted to create a souvenir of a … Continue reading Memories in a Plate

Pomegranates and Prosecco

Italian majolica is filled with symbols of pomegranates. Ceramic shops throughout Tuscany and Umbria “ceramiche artistiche vendenta” sell vases, urns, jars and pitchers featuring pomegranates paired with flowers, fruits and stylized dragons.  Pomegranates are one of the oldest fruits known to man. King Tut took a pomegranate vase into the afterlife with him and the … Continue reading Pomegranates and Prosecco