Year after year I’m challenged on how to share my experiences traveling, eating, drinking, cooking and shopping  with my Italian family and friends. Bringing Italy home is not all that easy! It’s not like I have a magical suitcase that opens to reveal the landscape of Tuscany, the Duomo of Milan, cooking with Rita in Emilia or the Dawn, Sun, Stars, Sky and Dusk of the rooms of my favorite country house in the Bolognese Hills. I don’t have a magical atomizer to spritz the aroma of the fields and flowers, the olives and oil and essences of the Renaissance from Santa Maria Novella Farmacia in Florence to put you in the mood and it’s hard to capture the sound of the people on the piazza and the roar of the Ferrari unless you’ve been there.

Of course you can  follow our travel itineraries and you can have an authentic taste of the Italy of my travels at CosituttiMarketPlace but for now here is a personal moment of pleasure from one of my favorite restaurants in Italy. This video comes as close as I can get to seeing and savoring Italy without a flight on Alitalia and reminds me of a wonderful afternoon spent with our family from the Veneto in the seaside village of Caorle, an old fishing port on the Adriatic. 

So brush up on your Italian and Divertiti!

Warning: This video may make your mouth water.


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