Mindful Travel

mindful (adjective)  – actively attentive, aware, or deliberately keeping something in mind

I just added a new page to my blog called  The Way We Travel . Over the years many people have asked me what’s so different about the way you travel and why do you call your travels more than a “show and tell tour”?  So I went back to a chapter in my book  about “Traveling Outside the Box”, to see what was so unconventional about the way we travel.

What I wrote seemed to center around the words evocative and imaginative and a quote from Leonardo da Vinci – the noblest pleasure of all is the joy of understanding. In other words when I travel I want to know the back story about what I’m going to be seeing or doing. I have specific choices of what I want to see and do and a playlist that compliments those choices including pairing food with the history and art of the region for a seeing and savoring experience. The gastro-history of a region often feeds into the local culture and natural history making for an evocative eating adventure and a more meaningful travel experience.

An Applied Psychology Course in Travel might call this concept “mindful travel” where clarity, creativity and focus allow you to connect to your travel experience in a way that is so satisfying that you will want to return for more. In fact there should be no excuse to come back from a trip to Italy without boasting of the most wonderful food you ate, wine you drank, sites you saw and people you met.

Be mindful of your travel time and invest in an experience.



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