Blinded by the Light

I stood under the oculus and felt the light shining down on me. Like a crew member on the Starship Enterprise I felt I could be beamed up at any moment and transported to another time and place. My first experience standing in the Pantheon, Rome's " temple of the gods" looking up at the vault of a "perfect … Continue reading Blinded by the Light


Capri Blue

They say that colors are evocative, prompting vivid memories or images of things. Psychologists tell us colors have the ability to create deep emotional responses and that the vividness and combination of colors affect our moods. By manipulating and controlling colors artists can contribute to the overall feeling and visual impact of their work. Italy is a country filled with the attraction of color.  Each … Continue reading Capri Blue

La Credenza

You cannot see and savor Italy without bumping into a familiar piece of furniture found in many Italian homes and restaurants, la credenza. Sometimes referred to as a sideboard, the history of the credenza begins with an act of faith. In 16th century Italy the word "credenza" referred to the tasting of food and drink by a servant for a … Continue reading La Credenza

The History and Beauty of Trasimeno – An Umbrian Lake

While Hannibal was making a name for himself ambushing Romans on the shores of Lake Trasimeno history moved to imprint the event in the landscape of rolling hills and mountains that encircle one of Italy’s most panoramic lake views. Driving along the coastal road that edges the lake you’ll pass sites that commemorate the historical … Continue reading The History and Beauty of Trasimeno – An Umbrian Lake

The Pope Slept Here

Pienza is known around the world for being one of Tuscany's Renaissance treasures and the home of a Pope with a vision to transform his birthplace into the "ideal" Renaissance city. Located in the breathtaking Val d'Orcia (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) overlooking Monte Amiata, the medieval town of Corsignano was to be Italy's 15th … Continue reading The Pope Slept Here

Maturus, Fucus, Siccatus, Sauvis and Rubens

Maturus, Fucus, Siccatus, Sauvis and Rubens? At first you might think these are names of Senators from the time of the Roman Empire but rather than conveying the power and prestige of the Roman Senate these names refer to an illustrious group of cheeses from Pienza, an ancient Renaissance city a few miles from the … Continue reading Maturus, Fucus, Siccatus, Sauvis and Rubens

Italian Balls

It can be played on almost any surface. It involves a ball, a court and an opponent whose singular goal is getting close enough to a small white ball, called the jack or pallino without kissing it "baci". Although the rules of the game are far from romanticized (the name comes from the Latin word bottia, meaning boss), the sport is considered to … Continue reading Italian Balls