A Quattrocento Wall Calendar

I’m beginning to rely on my Smart Phone calendar at the expense, pleasure and visual appeal of my calendar on the wall. Every December I looked forward to buying a calendar for the New Year, displaying it like a work of art, shopping for an interesting theme customized to my taste. One year it was Welsh … Continue reading A Quattrocento Wall Calendar


Pumpkin, Pici and Pecorino

Fall is just around the corner in all its culinary glory. I think that autumn is one of the best seasons to embrace your inner Italian and follow the Italian style of cooking with seasonal ingredients that pop with flavor.  With cooler temperatures and rainy weather the hills of northern and central Italy are alive with porcini mushrooms and soon … Continue reading Pumpkin, Pici and Pecorino

A Square that Turns into a Shell and A Pig as a Symbol of Good Government

In the central valley region of Italy known as Tuscany there is a medieval town called Siena set within a landscape of the burnt sienna of a Renaissance artist’s paint brush. The colors of Sienese landscape are as rich and deep as the traditions and history of its people. Mario Batali once said that "nothing can prepare you … Continue reading A Square that Turns into a Shell and A Pig as a Symbol of Good Government

Sunday’s Cookie

In Italian biscotti means cookie. Not just the long, hard, twice baked cookie with the curved top and flat bottom that most of us associate with the word but any cookie in general. The bis – cotti ( 'bis' meaning twice in Italian and 'cotto' meaning baked or cooked) that we’re most familiar with does … Continue reading Sunday’s Cookie

My Italian Amuse – Bouche

In Italy, my aperitivo hour began with a Campari Orange (Campari and Orange juice), also known as the Garibaldi and a plate of fried green olives Ascolana-style, a sort of Italian style amuse-bouche. Other amusements soon followed: grilled red peppers and zucchini,  bruschetta pomodoro, pizette, mozzarella in carrozza (literally, "mozzarella in a carriage") and plates of affettati misti (a selection of sliced cured meats). I could … Continue reading My Italian Amuse – Bouche

The Best Place to Eat in Italy

I’ve often been asked where may favorite place to eat in Italy is and although I’ve listed several in my book I always reply with the following - The best place to eat in Italy is at the home of la tua famiglia  (the home of your family) The second best place to eat in … Continue reading The Best Place to Eat in Italy

Between a Bottle of Lambrusco and a Dish of Tortelli

According to the story that’s how Italian bicycle manufacturer Abici was born. In 2006 Italian entrepreneurs Giuseppe Marcheselli, Stefano Stelleti and Cristiano Gozzi had a vision to combine technology and design to create a bicycle that was a perfect blend of “yesterday and tomorrow”. Based on a style they found in a 1950’s catalog the … Continue reading Between a Bottle of Lambrusco and a Dish of Tortelli