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Between a Bottle of Lambrusco and a Dish of Tortelli

According to the story that’s how Italian bicycle manufacturer Abici was born. In 2006 Italian entrepreneurs Giuseppe Marcheselli, Stefano Stelleti and Cristiano Gozzi had a vision to combine technology and design to create a bicycle that was a perfect blend of “yesterday and tomorrow”.

Based on a style they found in a 1950’s catalog the group combined the classic Italian bicicletta with high tech details (aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium) and a vintage aesthetic. The result is a bike with a retro design that causes heads to turn and people to ask “what bike are you wearing?” Designed in the classic car colors of the 1950’s Abici bikes are handmade in Italy with artisanal attention.  The Grandturismo Donna is especially appealing to me.  With a Brooks leather saddle that softens and molds to your body, it is a city riders dream.  An expression of urban chic, it makes for a comfortable, confident ride from café’ to club with a stop at your favorite trattorie for a bottle of lambrusco and a dish of tortelli. After all who knows what amazing ideas you’ll come up with between courses?

*The urban cycling culture of Italian cities like Ferrara have no-drive zones resulting in a high rate of bike usage. Known as the City of Bicycles, nearly 80% of the bicycles ridden in Ferrara, as in most Italian towns and villages, are vintage.  Cycling itineraries in the surrounding area are a great way to see and savor the landscape and history of the Po Valley region  with cycling routes where cars are not allowed along most of the route. The vast Padano Plains of this region of Emilia Romagna create a flat cycle friendly landscape suitable for both adults and children