The Queen Margherita Method of Learning Italian

I studied Spanish in high school and Latin in high school and college but it wasn’t until I started to study Italian that I began to have what I refer to as a true “language experience”.  It happened unexpectedly through a series of trips to Italy to reconnect with our Italian family in Milan. Our cousin Lidia, who is a teacher, began my Italian education with a sing song rhyme she would repeat every time we would be eating. In un ristorante, trattorie, in her apartment; everywhere and anywhere there was food.

la regina Margherita mangiava il pollo con le dita

What I learned from this little jingle about Margherita Maria Teresa Giovanna, Queen of Italy, is that she liked to eat chicken with her fingers! But more than that I began to appreciate the melodic beauty of the Italian language with its soft rolling R’s and light curling of the tongue and I began to think that I would like to learn and speak this language. And so I have.

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