Contrary to Popular Opinion . . . driving in Italy is not an extreme sport!

Although Italy has an excellent network of motorways (Autostrade), Americans generally find driving in Italy somewhat intimidating. They would rather be lulled into the complacency of a motorbus tour or buy a pass on the Eurostar. Both have their place and for some may be the best way to travel but don't be overly concerned … Continue reading Contrary to Popular Opinion . . . driving in Italy is not an extreme sport!


Alitalia – Runway Fashion

Volare, oh oh Cantare, oh oh oh oh Let's fly way up to the clouds  . . . On the fashionable wings of Alitalia. Airlines have always been an icon of fashion since the 1950’s when flying meant traveling in style. Being a flight attendant was a dream career. She guides you, she feeds you, she … Continue reading Alitalia – Runway Fashion

A Travelogue of Flavor

Nothing can transport you to Italy quicker than opening a good bottle of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The aroma, flavor and taste reflect the character of the land. From the delicate, fruity oils of the Ligurian Riviera to the pungent, peppery oils of Tuscany to the soft buttery flavors of the Umbrian hills, the … Continue reading A Travelogue of Flavor

A Virtual Vendemmia

In Italy the grape harvest (la vendemmia) begins in the early to mid-Fall usually during September and October. Every region of Italy grows grapes and the cities, towns and villages across the country celebrate the harvest with grape festivals (sagre) making Autumn one of the best times and seasons to see and savor Italy.  I … Continue reading A Virtual Vendemmia

Sagra Season

Although Italian street festivals (sagre) can be found throughout the year, the sagre of Fall are particularly exciting.  The brisk autumn air, the colors of the changing seasons and the passion of the local townspeople to showcase the bounty of their farms and fields makes for a rousing good time. Always ready for a celebration, … Continue reading Sagra Season

An Italian Midnight Snack

A late night snack in Italy might be plate of spaghetti aglio e olio (spaghetti with oil and garlic) made with ingredient variations from the midnight kitchen. It’s basic, it’s quick and it’s loaded with somulating carbohydrates. Aglio e olio is a traditional Italian casalinga (home style) pasta dish. Everyone knows how to make it. It's very … Continue reading An Italian Midnight Snack