Sagra Season

Although Italian street festivals (sagre) can be found throughout the year, the sagre of Fall are particularly exciting.  The brisk autumn air, the colors of the changing seasons and the passion of the local townspeople to showcase the bounty of their farms and fields makes for a rousing good time.

Always ready for a celebration, Italians gather in the countryside or the local piazza with several hundred like-minded party goers in the spirit of conviviality for a festa; a party or festival that celebrates or commemorates anything from the food and wine of the region to frogs, wild boar and pine nuts. A cross between a country fair, open air market and block party these festivals combine seasonal foods of the region, entertainment and traditional folklore that attracts all ages. The food is authentic, fresh and cooked with pride and passion – a perfect opportunity to see and savor Italy. Look for posters advertising local sagre along the roadside. They are great for families and a casual, inexpensive way to taste regional Italian food in the company of everyday Italians, learning about the history and culture of Italy.

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