Volare, oh oh
Cantare, oh oh oh oh
Let’s fly way up to the clouds  . . . On the fashionable wings of Alitalia.

Airlines have always been an icon of fashion since the 1950’s when flying meant traveling in style. Being a flight attendant was a dream career. She guides you, she feeds you, she transports you in comfort and trend spotters reported on the what she worn as some of the world’s top designers made the airline uniform fashionable .

Flight Attendants always looked so glamorous,  a living, breathing billboard of the benefits and perks of flying on that particular airline. Over the years some of Italy’s most notable designers such as Giorgio Armani and Alberto Fabiani  helped create fashionista flight attendants for Alitalia. Their designs have so influenced popular culture that the Mattel corporation joined forces with the airlines to introduce a unique collection of Barbie dolls representing Alitalia flight attendants and pilots dressed in the airline’s historical uniforms. The dolls are dressed in exact replicas of the company’s uniforms, which have been created by Italy’s top designers from the fifties to today.

Click here for more style in the aisle aviation fashion and on the following  site link for a runway fashion show with archived flight attendant uniforms.

*a 2010 Survey by SkyScanner listed Alitalia number 5 in the Top Ten Most Stylish airline uniforms



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