Obvious and Less Obvious Verona

Be sure to look beyond the obvious when traveling in Italy. Enter the city of Verona. Tourists travel here for the obvious Romeo and Juliet experience and to see the famous Roman Arena on Piazza Bra, one of the biggest and best preserved arenas from the Roman Empire. Or to cross the Ponte Scaligero and … Continue reading Obvious and Less Obvious Verona


Is the Best of Italy Really the Best of Italy?

I did a Bing search the other day on the Best of Lists. The  Best of Italy came up with 530,000,000 results. 7,880,000 results for Best of Tuscany. 13,300,000 results for the Top 10 Things to Do in Florence and 193,000,000 results for Best Place to Eat in Italy. Google web pages, images and videos totaled 1,440,000,000. I’ve been … Continue reading Is the Best of Italy Really the Best of Italy?

A Teaspoon per Person

Contrary to popular opinion more is not better in Italy.  The understated elegance of Milanese fashion, the sleek refined lines of Ferrari and the belief that a few ingredients can transform a dish into a delicious work of art does not equate to the abbastanza “bigger is better” attitude found on many Italian-American restaurant menus . … Continue reading A Teaspoon per Person

A Breath from the Renaissance

A weary traveler could benefit from knowing about the ancient workshops and antica farmacia (pharmacies) where healing ingredients from nature create an Italian sense of benessere. They can be found all over Italy if you know where to look. Behind an unassuming entrance on Via della Scala 16 down the street from the Santa Maria Novella … Continue reading A Breath from the Renaissance

Milan Magnified

I’ve traveled to Milan for the last 15 years on both business and pleasure. My Italian cousins live in Milan (Porto Genova) and in Sesto San Giovanni, a suburb of Milan about 6 miles from the city. I usually stay in Sesto and take the tube to Milan Centro but this year I stayed in an apartment … Continue reading Milan Magnified