A Teaspoon per Person

Contrary to popular opinion more is not better in Italy.  The understated elegance of Milanese fashion, the sleek refined lines of Ferrari and the belief that a few ingredients can transform a dish into a delicious work of art does not equate to the abbastanza “bigger is better” attitude found on many Italian-American restaurant menus .

The model that less is more and form follows function translates well with Italian cooks who live and die by their ingredients. They believe that the flavors inborn in the main ingredients themselves are the stars of the dish. So well-curated ingredients like pasta, extra olive oil, fresh garlic and basil, prosciutto and pancetta and balsamic are essential to Italian cooking .

Ripening in dark, silent aging rooms, refined for years through a series of barrels of different woods and decreasing size; traditional Aceto Balsamico from Modena is one of the great gastronomic treasures of Italy. In the pantheon of Italian food products it stands above all others. Aceto Balsamico has such an extraordinary depth of flavor and aroma that a few drops of an artisan aged balsamic vinegar is all that is needed to elevate your cooking.

Following DOP regulations Trebbiano grapes, grown for centuries in the province of Modena, are crushed, cooked and aged with skillful attention according to ancient traditions. As the vinegar ripens, it takes on the flavors of different woods and condenses into a smooth syrupy texture with a fullness of flavor, both sweet and savory, and a deep rich marrone color.

Barely a teaspoon per person is all that is needed to enhance the flavor of meat, fish, salads, fruit, cheese even chocolate and vanilla ice cream; season a sauce or finish a dish.


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