San Gimignano

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A moment in time, an idea that becomes an unspoken memory.  Whether a sepia toned picture of the past or a digital image of the present each picture brings with it a reality faded or vivid. Smart phone photography with fotos on demand means that you can create and share those memories in a nano second with unprecedented picture quality and detail so that you almost feel like you were there.

The website 360 Cities takes this experience once step further with extraordinary panoramic fotos that give a 360 degree view with an incredible level of detail so that visually you are there. You literally step into the photograph by moving your cursor up, down, sideways, 360 degrees to get a virtual tour of over 90 countries from  photographers all over the world. Whether your researching archival fotos, curious about a sight or want to re-live a travel moment you can so with extraordinary detail.  I like to use this website for pre-trip planning to take a virtual full-screen 360 degree walk-about of what I plan to see. It’s like a virtual guidebook and with 360 Cities mobile app you can view hundreds of thousands of the world’s finest panoramas on the go.

Here are a few of my favorite 360 Cities Italian panoramas that make make me feel like I’m there.


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