Italian Yeast Rises to Heavenly Heights

One taste of a well-prepared tiramisu or pasta fatto a mano and you know that Italian food is heavenly. But did you know  there is one Italian ingredient that assures you of “divine intervention”? You can bake with a little help from the angels to create a slice of heaven with Lievto Pane degli Angeli a special Italian yeast with a hint of vanilla. Made by a Paneangeli, a company who has 81 years of experience making yeast breads and cakes, gave birth to the legend of this heavenly ingredient. The company readily admits that as often happens “with things and events of magic taste” the reality may confuse fact with fiction.  panangeli yeast

paneangeli vanilla small

The legend goes that in his first grocery store, Signore Ettore Riccardi, the founder of Panangeli, prepared and sold a loose powder to leaven cakes; a special formulation characterized by a vanilla aroma with a scent that perfumed the entire house and even the wardrobe. A customer after purchasing a sachet of his leavening powder was so impressed by the success of her cake she exclaimed that the cake was so light and fluffy that it was made by angels.  The idea of being touched by an angel was used in one of the company’s early advertising campaigns when the 6-year-old son of the founder of the company devilishly breaks dishes with a hammer, but after eating a slice of cake made with the “Bread of Angels” becomes very good, even angelic.

Today the company makes a variety of products including flavorings and leavening agents for pizza obtained from fresh beer. They also have a prepared mix to help you create your own Torta degli Angeli  and have authored several cookbooks including one for Carnevale and an annual calendar with recipes using their products that looks, dare I say, heavenly.

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