Italians rely on food rather than four leaf clovers for luck. So celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some traditional “lucky” Italian foods. Like these.

4 leaf clover italian In Italy coin-shaped lentils are symbolic of good fortune and prosperity. This custom comes from an ancient Roman tradition of giving a scarsella (a small leather satchel used to carry money or documents) filled with lentils at the end of the year in the hope that each lentil would turn into a coin.


4 leaf clover italianPork in Italy  represents the fullness and richness of life. On New Year’s Eve lentils are often eaten with cotechino, a large pork sausage (Cotechino con Lenticchie) or with zampone (stuffed pig’s trotter).


4 leaf clover italianCandies and confections with almonds like torrone or raisins and dried fruit (frutta secca) found in cakes and breads celebrate la bella vita. The small round-shaped fruits and nuts symbolize fruitfulness and abundance.

4 leaf clover italianIn the Piedmont and Lombardy regions of Italy, prosperity is symbolized by rice grains. The golden grains of a Milanese risotto would make a perfect addition to Corn Beef and Cabbage for an Italian inspired St. Patrick’s Day


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