Alpha Italy

There are some things in Italy that are over the top, the star of the group, the best investment, the cherry on the sundae, the most dominant person, place or thing you can see in Italy. I get asked ‘What is your favorite thing to do in Italy?” all the time and I tend to … Continue reading Alpha Italy


Italy’s Citta del Miele – A Honey of a Trip

"I didn't feel the fatigue of the day anymore. It  made me joyous to be an apiarist." Mario Bianco, an impassioned beekeeper who lives in the  foothills of the Alps Don’t forget to sweeten your Italian journey by exploring Italy’s citta del miele (cities of honey).  46 cities and three mountain communities across Italy’s peninsula have … Continue reading Italy’s Citta del Miele – A Honey of a Trip

Tutti Frutti Italian

One Italian word that has become part of the Anglo-American vocabulary, so much so that we often mistake it for an English word, is tutti-frutti. We have tutti-frutti ice cream, candy, nail polish, lipstick, juice, chewing gum, shoe colors and paint swatches. Not to mention the 1950’s Pop chart mega-hit Tutti Frutti by Little Richard.  In … Continue reading Tutti Frutti Italian

Have Laptop Will Travel . . . to Italy

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a laptop computer has become as essential as a Dopp kit for gli uomini or a beauty bag for le donne.  Finding the right bag to keep your computer healthy and happy on the piazza in Florence, the Campo in Siena or an aperitivo bar in Milano requires some thought. Size (generally from 13 to … Continue reading Have Laptop Will Travel . . . to Italy

Food Pirates

Seeing and savoring Italy requires a savvy traveler and a savvy shopper both in-country and when you get home. Not all products labeled Italian are Made in Italy. According to the Italian Food Board "food piracy or agro-piracy" is a major problem in the US, Canada, Argentina, Great Britain and other countries where counterfeit Italian products especially … Continue reading Food Pirates

I Like it Rough

Italians perfected the art of making dried pasta in the16th century to create a food that could be stored for long periods and provide them with a meal in times of famine.  Little has changed over the years as artisan pasta makers continue to preserve the traditional ways of making pasta by using perforated bronze plates that … Continue reading I Like it Rough

Mother’s Day with the Medici

Celebrate Mother's Day with a Medici feast for a taste of the Italian Renaissance. Follow the traditions of the Renaissance tables of the Medici who introduced the concept of the well laid table to the people of Florence. Dinner with the Medici would be served in several courses and include roasted meats of game or fowl like capon, pigeon or peacock. Pine nuts and … Continue reading Mother’s Day with the Medici