Mandarina duck biker business rucksackWhether traveling for business or pleasure, a laptop computer has become as essential as a Dopp kit for gli uomini or a beauty bag for le donne.  Finding the right bag to keep your computer healthy and happy on the piazza in Florence, the Campo in Siena or an aperitivo bar in Milano requires some thought. Size (generally from 13 to 17 inches), safety, the number of compartments you’ll need and whether you want a laptop backpack, shoulder bag, sleeve or case all are important. Finding the right way to carry anything when traveling is a very personal choice and being overburdened will make you feel like a llama trekking the Andes. To avoid morphing into a pac animal when traveling choose your luggage and laptop bag wisely. Spending a little more money on well designed travel gear is money well spent. You don’t want the handle to fall off when you’re trying to make that connection between Zurich and Milano and you don’t want the zipper to break when you’re trying to stuff that Prada bag in your suitcase.

Here are a few laptop/netbook bags and tablet bags that were chosen by Seeing and Savoring Italy travelers.  No bag will appeal to everyone but the design, construction and organizational capabilities of this group make them choices to consider.

Booq Boa Squeeze

Mandarina Duck Biker Mix Clipboard

Mandarina Duck Biker Business Rucksack

Belkin Slim Notebook Polyester Backpack

Targus Ultralife Thin Canvas Slipcase


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