-i-borghi-piu-belli-ditaliaThere are many ways to see and savor Italy.  Food itineraries, themed tours, adventure travel but here is a travel guide based on one simple premise – beauty. Not the beauty of a singular painting, architectural monument or design but rather the rare historical beauty of an entire city.  A living portrait that captures a spirit of place with evocative sights, sounds, flavors and aromas where the air you breathe creates a “memory of mankind”. Cities and village that over the centuries encapsulate all that is good and beautiful about Italy.

 I Borghi Più Belli D’Italia  is the official website of the National Association of Italian Municipalities that lists the most beautiful villages of Italy including two of our favorites, Castell’Arquato in Emilia Romagna and Montefalco in Umbria. You can go to the  I Borghi Più Belli D’Italia web site and click on a region of Italy for an online guide that will take you off the tourist flow to experience Italy to another degree. There are over 200 villages (borghi) listed to be discovered through

  • Access – information on each village (population, elevation, tourist information, Internet sites, patron saint, distances from major towns, and how to get there)
  • Spirit of the Village – a portrait of the village, taken from its most deeply rooted and characteristic features: a description of its name and an illustration of its coat of arms, its origins and the most significant dates in its history, local personages, curiosities, the cultural and environmental heritage
  • Sights – a brief description of the most important architectural structures in the village and surrounding area: churches, fortresses, public buildings, residences, streets, squares, views
  • Pleasures and Flavors – typical dishes, shopping, museums, galleries, artisan workshops, accommodations, restaurants, things to be appreciated

Take an out of the ordinary approach and travel off the tourist radar to see and savor Italy in a unique and personal way. Chosen not only for their standard tourist merit but for their ability to heighten your experience of traveling in Italy,  I Borghi Più Belli D’Italia are points of departure that allow you to see and savor Italy to another degree.


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