I wish I had a designer suitcase. You know the ones by the likes of Jeremy Hackett that open to reveal the British Union Jack. Or the Jelly Bean trolleys of Japanese designer Hideo Wakamatsu, the Frank Lloyd Wright of luggage design blending form and function with quirky colors that pop the luggage carousel. I do have a 16 year old Tumi backpack that I’ve stuffed wine, cheese, laptops and travel ephemera into on numerous trips to Italy and a Mandarina Duck carry on that has kept me sane on more than one layover or overnight flight but if I want to make a statement at Malpensa I need something with a little more star power making the circuit at the baggage pickup.

suitcase black moncriefSo I consulted the style sites on the web and found various lists of “best luxury travel luggage” but none really caught my eye until I saw a black travel trolley by Moncrief, a British luxury brand created by designer Caroline Evans. Described as a handcrafted glossed-leather suitcase it comes with a soft charcoal cashmere blanket and a detachable compartment that fits an iPad and stores all your in-flight essentials. My interest piqued as it was shown next to a model wearing an Aminaka Wilmont  jacket and  Bottega Veneta top and besides I’ve always been intrigued by the Moncrief story. The Moncrief (the ancestral name of the founders of the company) were part of the Picts Clan, a mysterious warrior people of ancient Britain, a group of early nomadic travelers that migrated from France in the 15th Century, settling in the northeastern part of the island where the Pictish King married an Irish Princess; a romantic story that suited my sense of the unexpected adventure and outcome of traveling.

But with a price tag of $7,150.00 I think I‘ll keep saving my USD to spend on a first class ticket to Milan and invest in a designer luggage tag like these by Tepper Jackson.


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