museum MUSE trentinoThe unique scenic beauty and the impressive mountain landscape of the Dolomites is the setting for a new science museum called the MUSE ( MUseo delle ScienzE ). With a retractable shading system, solar panels, geothermal probes and a cistern system for rainwater recovery, architect Renzo Piano has created a futuristic blend of nature, science and technology. Built on the site of a former Michelin tire factory in Trento, Italy, the museum is part of a destination complex that includes shopping, residential and office spaces, a public park and cycling paths.renzo-piano-MUSE museum -trentino

The architectural foot print of the building follows the cathedral-like spires of the Dolomiti Alps and the glass panels reflect the crystalline mineral rocks that are the foundation of this mountain range. The pinnacles and peaks of the Dolomites, sculpted by glaciers and erosion, create sweeping panoramas through alpine meadows and the exceptional geology of their formation make the Dolomites one of the richest  mountain regions of Europe. Declared by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes on Earth, the Dolomites were officially included in UNESCO’s 2009 list of world cultural and natural heritage sites. MUSE app

The breathtaking views and endless outdoor activities found in this region of Italy are enhanced by a visit to Italy’s MUSE where visitors can explore the formation of the Dolomites, the birth of the alps and a natural history of both the alpine region and the rest of the world .

In keeping with the futuristic blend of learning about the past in the context of the future, the museum is offering an Explora MUSE guide multi-touch app on the iPad Mini where visitors can create their own thematic experience.


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