De Carlini inspector Lestrade Italian glass ornament Sherllocok Holmes limited edtitin collection 2011 1
De Carlini Inspector Lestrade Italian Glass Ornament

The unique and original ornaments, created and made completely and exclusively in Italy, by Soffieria De Carlini are mouth-blown, hand-decorated confections in glass. Like spun sugar – snowmen and angels, Santas and and toy soldiers appear during the holidays from the magic hands of the workshop of Soffiera De Carlini who have been making Christmas ornaments since 1947.

Their particular and original look, characterized by delicate, fragile shapes has a lightness that makes the creations of De Carlini’s fantasies almost float on air.

Cinderella’s coach, Snow White and the Nutcracker Mouse from the Tales series are part of a collection of ornaments that have brought generations of joy to families as they trim their Christmas trees. The artistic beauty of De Carlini ornaments have made them sought after collectables like one of my favorites – the Soffieria De Carlini Christmas Ornamnet Marshall Field’s Lady Shopper from 2005 offered on an ebay auction which sadly to say I missed.

See more from the De Carlini Collection.


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