fingerprint of olive oil maker (2)
A green shaded fingerprint underlining a deep link between nature, olive oil and human labor.

The lines and whorls of a fingerprint are a distinctive mark of a person, a biometric impression that identifies who you are. The cultivating, harvesting and pressing of the olive to produce oil leaves a fingerprint that reflects the care and commitment of artisan producers and estate farms where each bottle of oil is an expression of the ancient terroir of the region.

From the land, to the artisan’s hand there is a direct connection between the ancient groves and generational producers, a shared DNA that says these are the oils of Tuscany, of Umbria, of Sicily or Liguria. A singular and unique mark of quality and flavor. Nothing can transport you to Italy quicker than opening a good bottle of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the mark of a good bottle begins with the hand of the producer.


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