If you celebrate Christmas you probably have a collection of Christmas ornaments, snowmen or some other unique and treasured pieces that you lovingly use to decorate your home for the holidays. My mother loved Santas, for years I collected Nutcrackers and vintage Americana Christmas. I have a few family ornaments made of hand blown glass from the 1950’s that have been passed down. The reasons why and what people collect at Christmas are as varied as the personalities of the collectors. As to their worth, it’s often in the eye of the beholder or in some cases what the market will bear.

buccellati_christmas_ornament_sterlingItalian Christmas collectables are no different. Some have only sentimental value; others can be very valuable like those made by Buccellati who introduced its first sterling Christmas ornament to the U.S. market in 1986. These ornaments are made in Italy by a family of Italian goldsmiths who first opened their shop in 1919 near the La Scala Opera House in Milan. Their clients  included the Vatican and the Royal Courts of Europe, so that overtime the founder, Mario Buccellati,  came to be known as “The Prince of Goldsmiths.” Mario Buccellati drew upon the work of the Renaissance and 18th century craftsmen to design silver place settings and textured gold jewelry that were rare and exquisite with intricate work that resembles the look of fine fabrics.

The pictured vintage Christmas scene is valued at over$1300.00 and shooting stars, wreaths, doves or reindeers selling in the hundreds.

More  Buccellati pieces.



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