vinegar bottlesIn the pantheon of Italian food products one type of vinegar stands above all others, Aceto Balsamico from Modena but it is NOT the only vinegar in Italy.  A mere yodel away from Switzerland in Italy’s Northern SudTirol, the Trentino-Alto Adige  is a melting pot  of cooking and cultures that result in a distinctive mixture of flavors and food customs.   Aceto Vino Rosso Dolomiti , red wine vinegar from the Trentino  Dolomiti (Italy’s  majestic limestone Alps) is reminiscent of Dolomite granite and alpine flowers.

Further south the DOC estate wines of Chianti bring the character of the Tuscan grape to a level of fermentation that creates a savory acidified flavor with a Chianti aroma.   And across the Adriatic from Trieste is the  Slovenian city of Piran, once ruled by Venice, that seems to have taken a piece of Italy with it. The region may geographically lie in Slovenia but just by a blink. You can taste the flavor of Refosco wine (a native Frulian variety) in the vinegar produced there.


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