Vintage-New-year-wine As the saying goes life is too short to waste watching bad movies, eating bad pizza or drinking bad wine so here are a few New Year’s Resolutions for Wine Lovers.
• Resolve to drink unfamiliar grapes –according to Alexis Lichine, writer of the first encyclopedic guide to wine and spirits “the best way to learn about wine is in the drinking”; try something new and different, sure you may have a favorite go to wine but resolve to think outside the bottle and discover a new region, variety or winery.
• Resolve to take a second sip – spend time to discover why you like the wines you do, is it the look, the smell, the taste (fruit, butter, oak, spicy, floral) the tannins or the finish? (the flavor impression you’re left with after you swallow); or the perception of what makes a desirable bottle of wine.
• Resolve to visit a winery – wines are made by passionate people who respect the land and its traditions; if you’ve never visited a winery you’ll find it interesting to learn the reason why they make the wines they do.
• If you are interested in learning about wine, surround yourself with people and places that know about fine wine; read books, journals and look on-line for sources of information that will make you more knowledgeable about your wine choices.
• Pay more attention to food and wine pairings; my wine education began in Italy at the tables of my Italian family and friends with memorable meals made even more so by the wine that was served; I’ve come to understand that Italians think of wine as a natural resource, a companion to food and a reflection of regional traditions.
• Attend wine related events; you’ll meet other like-minded oenophiles, wine dealers, chefs, sommeliers and many events are linked to worthwhile causes like the Wine and Wildlife Series at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.


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