Burning Paper

Paper that reacts like incense. Famous throughout Europe, these amazing papers, called carta  d'Armenia are exactly as they were in the 16th century. Fibrous looking papers with resinous scents of frankincense and myrrh. Folded into a fan-like shape and carefully lit the slip of paper unfolds into wisps of sweetly scented smoke like a concertina releasing … Continue reading Burning Paper


The Nobel Prize of Gastronomy

The spirit of the Nobel Prize is innovation, research and transformation. Taking an idea from academia to involvement to change. Physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, economics , peace.Areas of achievement given honors in Stockholm this past December 10th at the 2013 Nobel Laureates award ceremony.On March 3rd in Stockholm another honor will be bestowed, the White Guide Global Gastronomy Award … Continue reading The Nobel Prize of Gastronomy

Riding a Mortadella

Although Martedi Grasso (Fat Tuesday) is a few weeks away Carnevale in the  seaside town of Viareggio begins February 16th.  A spectacular parade of floats that delight and amaze promenade the Lungomare for 16 days of revelry along the Versilia Riviera. Second only to Carnevale in Venice, Carnevale in Viareggio is known for elaborate floats with huge papier-mâché figures, … Continue reading Riding a Mortadella

31 Rules of Love

Italians do not celebrate Valentine's Day as a one day merchandising campaign because love is in the air all year long in Italy and has been for centuries. While we were busy developing the austere virtues of the Reformation, the Italians were relaxing in the inspiring glow of the Renaissance. And although we might want … Continue reading 31 Rules of Love

The Unlikely Occurrences of February 3rd

In Italy the beginning of February has nothing to do with groundhogs and shadows but rather with a cake-like bread, the blessing of throats and celebrating woolen blankets. These disparate, seemly unlike, items and events do have a common denominator in Italy and his name is San Biago. San Biago or St. Blaise, like St. Nicholas, was one of those saints who accumulated … Continue reading The Unlikely Occurrences of February 3rd