Riding a Mortadella

mortadellaAlthough Martedi Grasso (Fat Tuesday) is a few weeks away Carnevale in the  seaside town of Viareggio begins February 16th.  A spectacular parade of floats that delight and amaze promenade the Lungomare for 16 days of revelry along the Versilia Riviera.

Second only to Carnevale in Venice, Carnevale in Viareggio is known for elaborate floats with huge papier-mâché figures, often caricatures of political, show business and historical figures. Floats can take a whole year to build created by master craftsmen and artisans known as carristi. Internal animations move the towering characters making them come to life as they navigate through clouds of streamers and coriandoli (confetti) creating a surrealistic pageant of satire and whimsy where anything goes at least for now.