Road Trip

What is the fatal charm of Italy, that can be found nowhere else"? - Erica Jong It all started in the Fall of 1999. The "fatal charm" of Italy began to unfold through the window of a Renault on a road trip through Tuscany with my Italian cousins. Fresh from reading Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun, … Continue reading Road Trip


21 Undeniably Signs You’ve Traveled in Italy (on more than a “show and tell” tour)

Are you part of the confraternity of Italian travelers who have truly seen and savored Italy? Off the tourist flow to see Italy's iconic sights a little differently. Traveling le stradi dei vini e sapori to taste regional Italy food at the gastronomic epicenter of the world. Ready to return home boasting about the most … Continue reading 21 Undeniably Signs You’ve Traveled in Italy (on more than a “show and tell” tour)

Fortune is Fickle

If you need a visual image to keep you focused on your Lenten journey you might consider the Italian Renaissance artist Pinturicchio's Allegory of the Hill of Wisdom (1504). The Greek philosophers Socrates and Crates are caught in a rather tricky balancing act on the top of a steep hill with the Roman goddess Fortuna. A … Continue reading Fortune is Fickle

Italian Selfies

Did you know that the Uffizi Gallery in Florence has one of the largest collections of portraits in the world? Lining the walls of the Vasari Corridor, the hidden elevated  walkway that links Palazzo Vecchio to the Pitti Palace, are paintings by, among others, Tintoretto, Giordano, Rubens, Rembrandt, Corot, Larsson and Chagall. Uffizi curators hope to make the longest single passageway … Continue reading Italian Selfies


The rustic farmhouses of Italy that host travelers and immerse them in the rural lifestyle of the Italian countryside are getting a new look. Many abandoned buildings and villas left vacant and alone were being renovated and restored in the late 1980's and early '90's. Laws passed in Italy allowed small scale farmers to open their farmhouses to guests creating … Continue reading Agrifuturismo