Italy in an Instant – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nothing can transport you to Italy quicker than opening a good bottle of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The aroma, flavor and taste reflect the character of the land. From the delicate, fruity oils of the Ligurian Riviera to the pungent, peppery oils of Tuscany to the soft buttery flavors of the Umbria hills, the … Continue reading Italy in an Instant – Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Crema Paradiso

8 km from the marble quarries of Carrara is the town of Colonnata, situated among the Apuane Alps of Northern Tuscany. For thousands of years quarrymen have eaten seasoned lard (lardo) aged in marble tubs (conca) excavated from the work site. The work was hard and the Lardo di Colonnata would provide them with the calories needed to carve and … Continue reading Crema Paradiso

Salame, Salumi, Salsiccia . . . Oh My!

Traveling down the road in Italy tasting the varieties of sausages and salami is a little like following the yellow brick road to the Oz. Like the Italian version of Dorothy you will be tempted to try just about everything and end up saying . . .oh my! Every region of Italy has its own distinctive types of … Continue reading Salame, Salumi, Salsiccia . . . Oh My!

Traveler vs. Tourist

"a tourist arrives confused and leaves confused" The age of the tourist is over. Anthony Bourdain's now infamous challenge to"be a traveler not a tourist" resonates with a new generation of travelers who want to remove the word "vacant" from vacation. Time and money well spent on a trip requires it to be more than a "show and … Continue reading Traveler vs. Tourist