Hippocrates’ Method to Cure Jet Lag

jet lagI’m an end justifies the means flyer. Unlike my travel companions who relish in the rarified air of the wild blue yonder, I view flying as a necessity more than a pleasure. A way to get from point A to point B. One of the main in reasons for this is jet lag. I try to control it but the 9 hour+ trip to Milano always results in a major upset in my diurnal rhythm resulting in lack of alertness, poor sleep, irritability and stress. Not the way I want to hit the Via Montenapoleone. I’m in Italy and jet lag is part of it.

I’ve read about, heard or tried most of the conventional wisdom on avoiding jet lag. Adjusting your sleep patterns before departure, light therapy, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, vitamins, acupuncture, turning your watch to the time of destination as soon as you get on the plane and various other sleep aids, all claiming to cure jet lag. A recent delivery to my in-box by Afar Magazine seemed to imply that I was approaching it from the wrong way. Don’t fight it. Embrace it and they offered 6 ways on How To Make the Most of Jet Lag.  All focus on a reactive approach which may be the better tack to take than loading up with pills.

My cure for jet lag is proactive and involves turkey, pumpkin pie, football and the somnolentic coma that follows a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner.  You can read about it here as well as a reference to Dr. Charles F. Ehret, a biologist at the University of Chicago’s Argonne National Laboratory, who developed a program that uses a series of planned foods (proteins and carbohydrates) to re-set nature’s internal clock to help your body adjust to a new time zone. His method and mine, as well as one of Afar’s suggestions, both involve the word “feast”/”food” and to paraphrase Hippocrates about curing what ails you – “Let food be thy flight medicine and flight medicine be thy food”.

2 Replies to “Hippocrates’ Method to Cure Jet Lag”

  1. I think jet lag is rubbish. I never get it and I travel all over the world. There is a 9 hour difference between Australia and Italy and the flight is about 20 hours.
    Just don’t think about it. When I land I adopt the time of the place I am in and get on with it.

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